What table games give you the best comps?


Some table games generate better comps than others based on time played and average bet. Roulette, UTH, three-card poker, and other carnival games are pretty good at giving comps compared to other common table games. On the other hand, craps and baccarat are the opposite and don't generate comps as quickly. The reason some games don't generate comps, as well as others, is because of "theoretical" value. The casino looks at the house edge of a specific game, a player's average bet, and time played (or hands dealt). Games that are slower or have a smaller house edge generate comps less aggressively. Games that are quicker or have a higher house edge generate comps better. However, some players may have higher "actual" play even if their "theoretical" play does not generate a lot. URComped is able to negotiate on a player's behalf to get the best offer, considering both their theoretical and actual play regardless of your favorite game.

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