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Not to large, comfortable, did some winning , did some loosing. Over all would go back..
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URComped’s Top 5 Slot Video Jackpots Of The Week April 28, 2019

Hello and welcome back to this weeks edition of URComped’s Top 5 Video Slot Jackpots Of The Week Award. Let’s get right into our #5 pick of the week. Good Luck everyone!!


You Tube Creator = Dan The Man Slots

Game = Dragon Link

Denomination = $2.00 Machine, $10.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,240.00

This game is part of the Lightening Link series. Getting 6 dragon fire balls starts the Lightening Link feature. The more fire balls you get in the feature the larger the credit reward will be. Dan The Man Slots scores this nice jackpot on only a $10.00 bet. Congratulations!


You Tube Creator = MGSlots21

Game = Lightening Link Tiki Fire

Denomination = .10c Machine, $25.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,938.80

MGSlots21 does it again. This time with Lightening Link Tiki Fire on a $25.00 bet. This game is so volatile and so much fun to play. Thanks for sharing this video and congrats on making our top 5 once again MGSlots21


You Tube Creator = EZLife Slot Jackpots

Game = Lock It Link

Denomination = .10c Machine, $25.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,950.00

EZLife Slot Jackpots pulling off another fine win here with Lock It Link. Getting those hearts to line up and Link can be tough but you EZ make everything look too easy as usual. Congratulations on making our top 5 once again. Hope to see you soon again. Good Luck!


You Tube Creator = Stacey’s High Limit Slots

Game = High Limit Eureka Blast

Denomination = .10c Machine, $15.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $3,186.00

This game is very popular these days amongst the Slot community. It is part of the Lock It Link series. Landing 6 dynamite starts the feature. The more dynamite that you line up together and they link together, the more your credit reward will be. Stacey’s High Limit Slots nailed this monster jackpot on a $15.00 bet. 

And lastly, our top pick of the week goes out too...


You Tube Creator = Ross Bybee

Game = Moon Race Lightening Link

Denomination = .10c Machine, $25.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $3,200.00

Ross taking our top spot once again with his High Limit Moon Race. You nailed this monster jackpot on the Moon Race Lightening Link Slot. Getting the 6 moons to start the feature was amazing to watch and witness live. Congrats!

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Contrary to what some other people might say, I think this place is great. For a hotel with nice rooms right in the middle of the strip, you can't beat the nightly rates. The rooms are nothing special but they're clean and nicely furnished and that's really all you need when you're spending the whole day out exploring Vegas. The casino is definitely a little outdated and "run down" compared to the surrounding ones, but it's still enjoyable and clean. This place is an overall steal and you can't beat it for the price. Also, the staff is very nice and there's a clean pool you can enjoy in the sweltering sun. 10/10
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Oasis Bar

Quick service, good food, great drink menu This is supposed to be for High Tide.
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Oasis Bar

Place is on the beach with some great views. But when it's packed it's pretty hard to get a drink or anything else. Make sure you've got a waiter who's paying attention to you. Food is good so kinda worth the wait. You can always go for a swim while waiting
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Maho Café

Really cute restaurant and bar decked out in pink and covered with blow-up animals. The staff includes a team of performers that put on an evening show that includes selecting members of the audience to come up and dance or sing. Good drinks, comfortable atmosphere, situated along the Maho Bay entertainment corridor. Fun for families, groups, and outgoing couples.
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Although the hallways were a little dingy, our room was great. Clean, great amenities, and good quality toiletries. Clean, comfortable bed. Casino was small, but attentive servers. Manager Marianne, was great. Helpful and funny! We greatly appreciate her help in resolving an issue that was partly our fault. She made sure we walked away happy and ready to play some more! Thanks for a great girl's week!
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Our second stay at this hotel. This time for 10 nights. I'm reluctant to give this gem hotel 5stars but only because I want to be able to find vacancies for my next trip! Location is superb and rooms excellent. Coffee machine and fridge in every room. The pool is always quiet. Oh... And no resort fees! (a tax on stupid people?) about time Vegas enforced laws prohibit that practice. Cant wait to return :)
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I don't think I can say anything bad about this place. We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel in our stay in Vegas. And hit all the surrounding casinos just losing money like crazy all total rewards centers. None of those places gave much comp not even on our birthdays. We decided to check out the Casino Royale. It was amazing Casino small dark and cozy, money tends to last a lot longer there. places there to eat or not ridiculously pricey there actually great. A lot of new slot machines one couple of hundred there on my first visit. Got matched $20 when I got my card for gambling. If you immediately lose your first $20 they reimburse you 20. Love this place definitely going back
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Perfect all the way around! Perfect location, wonderful staff, easy parking and awesome price! I will definitely stay again! My fiancé and I stayed on the second floor and had no issues with noise or smoke smell from the casino down on the first floor. It was wonderful!
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