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Playground Poker Club

Let’s start the festivities by saying I love playing tournament poker! I caught the bug 15 years ago and my addiction is as strong as ever. Like many of the reviewers here I’ve played in several casinos across North America and therefore couldn’t wait to set foot in what appears to be the mecca of the poker world. I’m pleased to say, in general my high expectations were met - My MVP Award goes to…the incredible dealers! What makes a great poker experience? For some, it’s free meals and booze. For others, it’s beautiful waitresses. For me, it’s how many hands I can play per orbit in a tournament — especially when the blinds are 20 minutes! Playground Poker Dealers r professionals. They’re fast, efficient and extremely competent. It was certainly a pleasure to play with dealers who excel at what they do. Added bonus; bilingual poker! Dealers translate quickly and with ease the actions of French players at the table. Very pleasant and interesting having both languages spoken at the table - #Merci The big caveat at both of my tournaments was the extremely slow food and drink service. The service was so slow it became a huge annoyance and distraction. Dealers were trying their best to appease the mounting frustration at the table. It’s strange a snafu of this magnitude happened during such a busy period i.e. Power Weekend/Canada Day Holiday. You would think the person scheduling the number of waitresses would add more people on the floor not less. In regards to customer service from the front desk and floor supervisors, the ones I interacted with were courteous. No more, no less. A cashier I encountered was very rude to me not once but twice. Their is a vibe of our sh** doesn’t stink in the air but I guess c’est la vie! Speaking of which, the ladies washrooms r very dark. A few more lightbulbs would be appreciated. Considering I’m a paying patron, the only person who actually made me feel like they appreciated my business was not from the Playground staff, but from a group of habitual players - a reg. His spidey sense immediately alerted him I was a new player. Even tho the purpose of his banter was to determine how big a fish I was, it was nice to encounter someone who made me feel welcome. Inside the room, security is visible. It’s a nice feeling to know if something would go off the rails, these guys would control the situation in no time flat. Outside, I was a bit more on guard. The parking lot is too dark. Spending money on lights, asphalt for the gravel part and noticeable security personnel would be a great idea. Looking forward to play more tourneys at Poker Playground!
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