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Paris Las Vegas

This was my very first trip to Vegas. I was so excited. Alas, that excitement was short lived. My first trip to Vegas was RUINED when I came back in my room after housekeeping had cleaned it and realized I was ROBBED!! Yes, MY STUFF WAS STOLEN! Now, you would think a hotel that is this prestigious would be quick to come to the aid of one of their patrons but no. I filed a report with their security office, it was turned over to their Risk Management Company and we found out today our claim was DENIED. They said they asked the hotel staff if they stole the stuff...Do you really think your staff is going to say "Yes?" Now, they're saying the burden of proof is on us. Uh, apparently they don't understand how burden of proof actually works. I proved that my stuff was stolen when I filled out the report - unless you have cameras showing me packing my backpack out of the hotel, I've proved my case. You pay a TON of money for a room thinking that you and your stuff is secure but apparently this hotel doesn't care about you, your stuff or your security. When we asked for the security footage, we were told they don't have security cameras in the hallways. REALLY?!? You think that it is safe to NOT have security cameras in the HALLWAY. Worst customer service experience ever! Stay here if you want their staff to rob you blind and not give a crap about you. #terriblecustomerservice @parisvegas #dontstayhere #lasvegas #vegas #parislasvegas
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