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URComped’s Top 5 Video Slot Jackpots Of The Week - January 12, 2020

Hello URComped Fans & Welcome Back To This Weeks Edition Of URComped’s Top 5 Video Slot Jackpots Of The Week - January 12, 2020 Edition  


YouTubeCreator = SLOTARMY

Game = MissKittyGold

Denomination = .01c Machine, $3.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,254.00

This was a great jackpot to witness. I love how in the bonus all the wilds turn into 2x and 3x wilds when they align together during the bonus and stack each other up. Congratulations on making our top 5 a lot jackpots of the week. 


YouTubeCreator = Kilauea Slots 

Game = HighLimit Cash Machine

Denomination = $5.00 Machine, $25.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $2,500.00

Congratulations Kilauea Slots on making the cut this week with your #4 spot in our top 5 slot jackpots of the week. Your first spin on the HighLimit Cash Machine paid off in a big big way. Best of luck to you and hope to see you in here again soon. 


YouTubeCreator = Dejavu Slots

Game = China Shores

Denomination = $1.00 Machine, $20.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $8,214.00

The ATM comes through again for DeJavu Slots. This game has been so great to you guys especially in the high denomination. Congratulations on your #3 spot this week. Continued good luck!!


YouTubeCreator = Ross Bybee Slots

Game = Golden Century

Denomination = $2.00 Machine, $50.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $14, 450.00

Another monster jackpot by Ross Bybee Slots. WoWzA!! Massive bet for a massive win. Congratulations on your #2 spot this week in our top 5 slot jackpots of the week.


YouTubeCreator = SDGuy1234

Game = Huff n Puff

Denomination = .10c Machine, $20.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $15,908.77

Congratulations SDGuy1234 on winning this week’s #1 spot in our top 5 slot jackpots of the week. Your Grand Jackpot was amazing to watch. I still have yet to play this Huff n Puff. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. 

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URComped’s Top 5 Video Slot Jackpots Of The Week - November 03, 2019

Hello & Welcome Back To This Week’s Top 5 Video Slot Jackpot’s Of The Week - November 03, 2019


YouTubeCreator = AA Slots

Game = Wonder IV Tall Fortunes

Denomination = .01c Machine, $4.80 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,459.82

Getting 15 Gold Buffalo Heads on this game is where the money is at. Your $4.80 bet on Buffalo Gold this week landed you guys in our top 5 video slot jackpots of the week. Congratulations and hope to see you here again AA Slots. 


YouTubeCreator = Dianaevoni Slot’s

Game = Thunder Cash

Denomination = .50c Machine, $10.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,597.50

These ainsworth Slots are one of my favorites. This and the Enforcer are. You really nailed this #4 spot this week with your $10 bet on Thunder Cash. Having all those wilds paid off for you in a big way during the bonus round. 


YouTubeCreator = Albert’s Slot Channel

Game = SuperLock Jackpot, Flower Fortune

Denomination = .01c Machine, $3.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,805.65

So happy to have you back in our top 5 Albert’s Slots. Your $3.00 bet this week paid off big time with your SuperLock Jackpot, Flower Fortune. I’ve yet to land that wheel spin like you did Albert and I’m still on the quest to do so. Thanks for sharing!! And congrats. 


YouTubeCreator = SDGuy1234

Game = LockItLink, HoldOntoYourHat

Denomination = .10c Machine, $12.00 Bet

Total Jackpot = $1,859.00

Welcome back to this week’s top 5 slot video jackpots of the week SDGuy1234. Your $12 bet on Lock It Link, HoldOntoYourHat was amazing to watch and showcase here on our top 5. You’ve been doing super well lately it seems. Can you teach us some of your tricks, haha. Thanks and best of luck to you. 


YouTubeCreator = MGSlots21

Game = Jackpot Rising Fortunes

Denomination = ..25c Machine, $66.00 Max Bet

Total Jackpot = $5,385.00

Congratulations on being our #1 pick this week in our top 5 slot video jackpots of the week. Your amazing $66.00 bet on Jackpot Rising Fortunes was amazing to watch. You guys truly amaze us each and every week. Continued success and best of luck. 

Thanks for watching and don’t forget to sign up for your free account at URCOMPED.COM

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Ocean Player's Club Casino Rewards Program

Ocean Player's Club Casino Rewards

Ocean Player's Club is the corporate name for the casino program within Carnival Corporation and PLC.

To join, all it takes is inserting your card into one of the machines or handing it to a dealer (before play) to get rated. 

Comps through Ocean's Player Club

Ocean Player's club does not reveal the relationship between points and play, but points are based on play, not losses.. Comps (spa treatments, dinners, drinks, logo items) are extended onboard depending on play level through hosts and other staff.

Ocean Player's Club Cruise Lines

There are several cruise lines that fall under this brand including Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises, Seabourn and more.

Carnival Cruise Lines- Carnival Player's Club

Carnival Player's Club membership is free and is only available for ages 18+.

This membership allows players to enjoy promotions within the casino (free drinks) while on board a CCL ship, attend Carnival Player's Club events, and based off casino play, invitations to Carnival Premier Cruises.

Club members can book special designed cruises when reaching a certain level. These cruise packages are divided into four progressive tiers, each requiring a higher level of play to book. Learn more about Carnival Tier Cruise Packages.

Once slot players reach 1,000 points on a single voyage from North America or Europe that is less than 5 days, they will receive free drinks in the casino. It takes 1,500 points on cruises 5 days or greater. Table players must reach play that is comparable in order to receive free drinks.

If you hit 7500 points within 1 sailing, you will qualify for one of Carnival's Premier Cruises.

Read more about Carnival Casino Rewards.

Holland America Line- Club 21

Holland America player’s club, “Club 21,” provides several benefits. Your level of play earns you these benefits such as instant casino cash, future cruise offers, complimentary drinks and more. Every 1000 points you earn at the slots, you’ll receive an extra $10 in instant casino cash.

Princess Cruises- Princess Player's Club

Players can also join the Princess Player's Club which offers perks depending on level or amount of play. Player's Club Prestige Cruises are given to the top select Casino players. Experience elite amenities, receive gifts, car service, and concierge service. On Medallion Class ships from Princess Cruises you can download the Ocean Casino app to your digital devices and play from anywhere on the ship! There are also portals around the ship that you can play on as well. Credit cards are not accepted in the casino. 

Seabourn- Seabourn Club

Seabourn casinos are not as known as other cruise casinos. Slots and video gaming are more popular in this casino due to the fact that there limited table games. There is Blackjack, Roulette and (on select days) Poker available. There is no smoking in the casino.

Milestone Awards: When your Seabourn Club Account reaches 140 Redeemable Sailed Days, the Milestone Awards program gives you a complimentary cruise of up to 7 days. When you reach 250 Redeemable Sailed Days, you receive a complimentary cruise of up to 14 days.

Seabourn Club Points: These points determine your Seabourn Club Membership level. You earn 1 point per the following:

-Each Sailed Day on board a Seabourn ship 
-Each Sailed Day in a penthouse or premium suite accommodation
-Each night on an escorted Seabourn Journey
-Every $500USD of eligible onboard and pre-cruise online purchases (net of returns, and limited to one additional Seabourn Club Point for each Sailed Day)

Seabourn Club Tiers: 
Silver: 20-69 points
Gold: 70-139 points
Platinum 140-249 points
Diamond: 250+ points
Diamond Elite: 650+ points

Not sure what URComped is?

URComped works with Casino Partners to give Qualified Members new offers (comps) to Caribbean Resorts and Cruise Lines that they have never been to/ played at before. Think you may be qualified?? SIGN UP (ITS FREE) upload offers that you've received from either land based casinos or cruise lines to see what NEW COMPS you qualify for! 

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You pay 3-4x for a cruise than you would pay on another cruise line. For this price you would think the service would be outstanding. But it is horrible!!!! The first time I had to call them after booking, I was on hold for over 20 minutes before talking to anyone in person. Then I was transferred to 3 different people (again holding for long periods of time) until I finally got someone who knew how to do anything. Not at all impressed so far. My advice is not to give them your money until all of your arrangements are booked, including transfers. The agents booking the cruise were very friendly and attentive. Any wait times on the phone were short, they returned calls promptly and were knowledgeable and friendly. After they get the big chunk of money for the cruise, the service changes drastically for the worse.
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Great 10 Day cruise in the Mediterranean. Some of the best food I’ve had was on this cruise. Fantastic in room dining with white table cloth in setup. Any meal served in the dining room was also available in the room each night. We had a spacious room with balcony. Highly recommend this to anyone looking for a luxury cruise experience with great destinations.
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Great cruising on new luxury ships!
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Thank you Seabourn for the unbelievable service you provided during our European Cruise. We have told countless people about our experience and would suggest this cruise line to anyone looking for the ultimate in Luxury and a World Class experience
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I took a Seabourn cruise last summer and was simply overwhelmed! Definitely recommend Seabourn to anyone considering a cruise.
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