Tables and Tournaments Meetup

Cruise with Fellow URComped Members onboard the MSC Seascape this August 2024!

Get ready for the Tables and Tournaments Meetup with other URComped members this August  17, 2024, URComped Sr. Marketing Manager, Katie Vanpool, will be onboard and this special VIP cruise will be cohosted by Brandon O'Brien and Craps Guru, Heavy Haltom. This cruise will have a $25K Slot tournament and Giveaways, a Blackjack Tournament, a Longest Roll Competition, a Welcome Party, a Group Excursion and more!  This 7-night Eastern Caribbean & Bahamas Cruise onboard the MSC Seascape is going to visit Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ocean Cay Marine Reserve and, Nassau, Bahamas,

Day 1: Miami, FL
Day 2: At Sea
Day 3: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Day 4: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Day 5: At Sea
Day 6: Nassau, Bahamas
Day 7: Ocean Cay Marine Reserve
Day 8: Miami, Florida

Qualified players will enjoy a complimentary stateroom!

Hurry and claim this offer now to secure your spot!

MSC gives its guests a unique Caribbean cruise experience that offers a truly immersive connection to the sea.

Additional fees will be charged for the peak sailing period which includes holidays, possible spring break, and summer

  • Extra charges for peak periods are:
  • $249 per cabin for inside and oceanview cabins
  • $359 per cabin for balcony or Aurea suite
  • $799 per cabin for the Yacht club.

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Comp Balcony Bella Stateroom cannot choose cabin location at this time and guests must choose between early and late dining time (My Time dining is not an option)

Sailing From Miami

17 Aug 2024

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7 Nights
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How to Get Comped

To request a URComped offer, follow the steps below:

  • Click 'Claim Offer'
  • Login or Create free URComped account to complete trip request*
  • We may ask for additional information, if needed, to pre-qualify you against the requirements set by the casino for this offer.
  • Trip request is then submitted to casino for final approval.
*Players requesting their first URComped trip will be required to upload images of valid casino offers to pre - qualify. The URComped team is excited to work with you!

Fine Print

Rated play from previous trips with this casino, any of the casino’s affiliated brands, or from previous URComped trip(s) will initially be used to determine if a player qualifies for this offer.

If there is no tracked play history with the casino or URComped to consider, qualification for this offer will be evaluated based on one or more of the following:

  • Images of complimentary cruise offers directly from the cruise line’s casino department.
  • Comp cruise certificates offered from land-based casinos. *An invitation to a certificate event at a casino can be accepted in lieu of the actual certificate.
  • Images of complimentary room + free play offers from land-based casinos.
  • Play history provided by Player’s casino host
  • Unless specified cannot be combined with other offers

URComped can generally pre-qualify players based on offer images within 2 business days (and often within a couple of hours).

Not everyone that requests an offer will qualify. The qualification criteria for this offer is set by the casino, not URComped. All requests are subject to final approval by the casino.

All URComped offers are for players that URComped has booked at the property or cruise line in the past OR for New or Inactive players to the specific casino partner. Players that are house coded or active with the requested casino partner will be unable to receive this offer through URComped.

All offers are based on availability and subject to change without notice.

Frequently asked questions about MSC Cruises

While on-board
In the Casino
Can you smoke in the casino?

There is a designated smoking area in the casino with some slot machines, but smoking is not allowed at table games.

 MSC Cruises' Smoking Policy does permit smoking in several bars on each ship, and on one side (indicated by signage) of the principal outdoor pool deck areas, where ashtrays are provided. 

Booking Trips
How do I check on the status of my "Status Match" request with MSC?

You may call the Voyagers club at 877-665-4655 and hit prompt 5.

What is MSC Cruise Lines' Loyalty program? Is there a status match?

Voyager Club is MSC's loyalty program with multiple tiers. The tiers have been matched with all the other cruise lines so that MSC can do a status match for guests who have not sailed with them before. This can also work with certain hotel loyalty programs as well! Apply before your next cruise and ALWAYS use the highest tier card that you have.

Does MSC have a casino loyalty program? What is the foundation of the Casino Program?

The loyalty program specifically for the casino has not launched yet. The foundation for the casino program has been laid out and guests can see their points, know how they can accumulate them through play, and earn onboard certificates and digital offers. You can learn more by going to

What do guests experience onboard MSC Cruises?

While ship classes may differ in various aspects, there is a consistent experience shared among all MSC ships. Each vessel boasts an elegant aesthetic, incorporating top-notch textures, surfaces, and materials in both interior and exterior decor, prominently reflected in their casinos. The ships are very clean and polished. The staff is very friendly and MSC creates a fun atmosphere for guests to enjoy themselves onboard.

Why do some MSC offers require a deposit and some taxes and fees?

The typical MSC offer that most guests are used to requires a $400 deposit for a fully comped cabin, which they receive back as an onboard credit once the cruise begins. The reason MSC requires this deposit is that they pay the port fees and taxes in addition to the cruise fare for the guest and the deposit is their way to ensure the guest is committed to sailing with MSC. This way the guest is truly getting a fully comped experience. On occasion, MSC will receive special offers from their revenue department which the casino department does not have to pay for. Under those circumstances, the taxes and fees still have to be paid and the casino department cannot pay them under those parameters, so the guest will have to pay them. These types of offers are not as common and only happen on select sailings and are typically very short notice.

Do MSC offers include free play or other upfront comps?

Yes, MSC does have offers that will include free play. Guests can also earn free play through their play onboard the ship. They have a matrix for future cruise credits in the casino that at different stages and hurdles guests can earn a fully comped cabin at various types and earn levels of additional freeplay. To learn more and see the point breakdown and matrix, go to

How to make payment for your MSC Cruise

Once you booked your MSC Cruise with URComped, you may need to pay your deposit, port fees & taxes, or upgrade costs depending on your booking. Instead of waiting on the phone, MSC made an update where you can now pay online. On MSC's home page you are going to click the account icon at the top as shown in the video, which will take you to the "Manage your booking" page. Fill out your first and last name and booking number. Click go, and you'll be taken to the "Plan my cruise page" where you'll click "Payment." Once you pay, let your URComped host know so that we can mark it in our system as well.

How does MSC differ from other cruise lines?

While MSC is developing its niche in the United States, they are a European-based company. The owner's Italian background significantly influences the design of the ship as well as the service and personality of the staff. There is an international flair onboard within the American Market. The combination of influences results in a delightful blend, creating a comfortable and luxurious ambiance aboard the ships.

What's the Yacht Club experience and what's included?

Yacht Club is a VVIP experience onboard MSC Ships. It is a "ship within a ship" designed to provide a private yacht ambiance. This exclusive service encompasses dedicated butlers and 24-hour concierge staff, attending to all guest needs, from excursions and reservations to addressing inquiries and fulfilling special requests. The Yacht Club boasts a distinctive dining room serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with a spacious lounge featuring live entertainment each evening. A private pool deck caters specifically to Yacht Club guests, ensuring exclusive access. Only those with Yacht Club cabin reservations are permitted in this designated area of the ship. Yacht Club members enjoy expedited embarkation and disembarkation at all ports, in addition to premium perks such as a premium drink package and premium wifi package. 

Can you wire money on MSC?

If a guest does not want to take cash onboard, they can do a wire transfer to MSC. Guests can get wire instructions upon request either through URComped or directly through MSC's casino department. 

How does comp solo travel work with MSC?

On the casino offers that require a deposit, it is still a $400 deposit, which they receive back as an onboard credit once the cruise begins. Sometimes as ships start to fill up, there will not be any single-capacity cabins available, but the casino program comps are based on double occupancy cabins. This means that comp solo travelers don't need to worry about being restricted to single occupancy capacity.

What is the dining like on MSC?

Other than the buffet which is known for its incredible pizza and the main dining, there are lots of choices for specialty dining onboard MSC. There is Butchers Cut Steakhouse, Kaito Teppanyaki Hibachi,  Ocean Cay Seafood, Hola Tacos and Cantina, and Kaito Sushi. There are also gelato and chocolate eateries as well!

Can players book cabin categories different from what they earned on their onboard certificate?

For example, if a player earns a balcony offer onboard but would rather have an ocean view with free play on a selected sailing instead, MSC can do this. If a guest earns a certificate on board, it is transferable to other levels of that offer. There are 3 different areas of the onboard cruise certificate program. On a short cruise(5 nights or less), the threshold to earn a comp cabin is lower as well as the free play tiers. Once guests earn a comp for a longer cruise, that can be traded in for a lower-level cabin with free play. This would need to be done through URComped. To learn more and see the point breakdown and matrix, go to

While On Board
In the Casino
Are there fees for URComped players while withdrawing money? What are the daily limits? Cash Advances?

When guests embark, they will need sure to have a registered card on file that is connected to their Sea Pass Card. This can be done through the app or self-serving kiosks located throughout the ship and in the casino. While playing, guests can charge their gaming funds onto that card through their folio without any additional fees. They can do this by downloading credits directly onto a slot machine, handing their sea pass card to the dealer, or they can make a transaction at the cage. The limit is $50K per day. There are cash advance kiosks onboard near or at the casino cage, however, there will be fees with cash advances according to the guest's bank.

Do URComped players get free drinks in the casino on MSC?

Yes, as an invited VIP guest on a comp offer you are entitled to free drinks in the casino while gaming. This will either be coded on the guest's sea pass card or they will require a sticker on their card to identify them as a casino VIP customer. Comp guests are encouraged to check in with the casino staff on Day 1 upon the casino opening to find out which way it works on that particular ship.

What can players use their points for during the cruise? Do they carry over from cruise to cruise?

As guests earn points, those points go to their certificate offer and also can be used to download as free play. This will not detract from their earnings that go towards their onboard certificate offers. They will not carry over, so guests will want to use all the benefits before the end of each sailing.

What can players expect from an MSC host onboard?

Casino hosts are there for all your gaming needs and guests are encouraged to make contact with them on Day 1. Feel free to ask them questions, give them comments, and make any special gaming requests you may have. The hosts are also there to educate you on the certificate program, available games, different limits, etc. as well as bring the fun and run any lottos, casino promos, tournaments, and raffles.

Does MSC give Win-Loss statements and W-2s?

MSC doesn't supply a win-loss statement or W-2s. So as a player, the burden is on you to track your wins and losses on MSC. But if you hit a jackpot over $1200, MSC doesn't do a W-2 form that you have to fill out. MSC stays out of the American tax system in regards to casino players.


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