D.O.C.G. D.O.C.G.
Restaurant @ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
I guess I just expected better. Not world class, not once in a life time, but just better. The service was ok, better than ok, but about average. The food was just plain ok. Artichoke appetizer was severely underseasoned (solved by requesting some lemon and salt); cooked very well, and a truly interesting dish, and very good on quantity, but just underseasoned. Rapini side was limp and soggy and also underseasoned. Eggplant parm was soggy and the eggplant wasn't cooked through, so very tough and chewy and raw -- but the sauce was excellent. Positives: Great, friendly sommelier. As a Californian, we are spoiled by pricing, but ignoring that the selection was great and the advice was friendly and well done. He wasn't pushy, was very open to our tastes and interests and price points. Mushroom app was phenomenal. Needed some salt, but I am really wondering how they cooked them so perfectly without even a hint of oiliness. Worth ordering. My wife says the clams app was fantastic, but was surprisingly spicy (which she loves, but I wonder if average spice patrons would also enjoy). Cocktails were a tad watery. To their credit, they took the eggplant and rapini off the check and comped two desserts. Skip the tiramisu (very dry), but DO get the salted caramel thing (wow!). In short, it was ok. It wasn't great. For the owner, I am perplexed. They missed on basic execution issues. For the price, there's much much better in LA and even in Vegas. Not clear if Conant has just licensed out his name or if he just doesn't deliver on the demands he makes when he's judging other chefs on TV. Save your money and hit a local Italian joint, or spend your money and get a better meal elsewhere. --arun baheti