Búzios Seafood Restaurant
Restaurant @ Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
Waiter Just Didn't Care. Placed our orders & ask the waiter to repeat it to us to make sure everything was correct since there was 4 people ordering. He said no worries I got it all down. He mess up on our appetizers order 4 things plus soup =\ mess up on the soup then entree only 2 dishes came out. We were like where is the rest of the food we order? He said that's it, I was wondering why all you people only order 2 entrees I thought you guys was going to share everything. We said No. Had to wait for the other orders and he didn't even apologize to us. When the other 2 entree finally came it didn't come with the free side things like garlic bread etc. The waiter forgot about it >=( We asked the waiter to come back but he was too busy chatting with other guest that was from his home town. Got very Annoyed with the waiter, we just paid and left. We shouldn't have even left a tip but the bus boys was great. So service sucked, the food was OK, didn't have fresh raw clams, order the lobster & clams (everything was just steam with no flavor & the clams was a bit sandy) Their online menu is not even updated.