Stockman's Café
Restaurant @ Stockman's Casino
I haven't been in Stockmans in a long time becasue my favorite most helpful Keno lady is no longer employed. I'm not saying anything bad about the other women who work there but there is a lady who was rude to me after I found out Sherry (that's the Keno lady who was very generous to me every time I came in to play) was no longer there. The woman who was rude to me wore a suit which I gathered she was a manager but I said hi to her and she stood with her arms cross and nose in the air and looked at me and said nothing. I know she heard me because she was looking right at me. I dismissed it and asked her if I could play my ticket and she continued to stare at me like I wasn't there. I was very offended and unsure how to react I left quietly. As I left I watched her walk away with her arms still folded and nose still in the air... If I were an employee I'd quit soley based on that manager's attitude. Is that what happened to Sherry?