Charlie Palmer Steak
Restaurant @ Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
I am slowly making my way through the steak houses in Reno. This wasn't my first trip to Charlie Palmer's, actually I believe it was my 4th. The food is always amazing. It really is. I recommend the CP signature salad, twice baked potato, mac n cheese, and the peanut butter bar. No matter how little room there may be left in my tummy, I will always find room for a few bites of that peanut butter bar! The service is, sadly, hit or miss. Last night we were double teamed (get your mind out of the gutter) and neither gentleman was very polished. Had it not been for the food they would have received 3 stars. The bar is also somewhat lacking. I ordered an Irish coffee and was brought a cup of coffee, a shot glass with Bailey's, and a container of fresh whipped cream. Bonus points for the fresh whipped cream but they are immediately stripped away by the fact that they cannot make a traditional Irish Coffee. Overall Charlie Palmer's is definitely worth going to for the yummies and the ambiance. Although I wouldn't sit directly underneath that big metal pointy sculpture that hangs from the ceiling...

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