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Oct 15 '14 at 15:37

First off it's called MY CASINO. The place has undergone several name changes and instead of a new sign they just remove letters. I guess the next name change will be "Y CASINO" as M casino has been taken. I like this place. I have won at least a dozen times here. I play 13card penny keno. $5-$10 a visit. It's really close to my house you dont have to walk a mile to you car. They used to have these great food deals (BRING BACK THE HOT DOG AND CHICKEN DEAL !) You get free play and match play up to $20. Of all the times i have been there i have never seen anyone treated with disrespect. There were a couple of employees who were rude to everybody but they have not worked there in a long time. The place did get robbed a month or so by a black guy so the place might have been on edge and called the cops about people sitting in a car outside. But i would be looking harder at people if i got robbed too. I think most normal people would. My biggest complaint is the smokers no matter where you sit, no matter how many empty machines there are, they always got to come and sit next to you. If you want to pay to die don't sit next to me. The smell is just nasty!!!! The place needs a non smoking section.