Thomas Hull
D' Fast Lime D' Fast Lime
Christ Church
"Thomas Hull"
This is no doubt one of the most chill hostels in the center of all of the action. First off, the location could not be better with access to subte, buses, and it is walking distance to Plaza de Mayo and Congreso. Second, they make sure the staff brings good vibes and has more than decent music playing all of the time. The social area is stellar and combines a good mix of 50-50 Latin people and Euro people. The kitchen is enormous and can hold about 4 groups cooking at once if needed. When the rooftop was open, it was a stunning view of downtown BA in all of its glory and having parillas up there was nothing short of dreamy. Just remember that Milhouse is for a typical crowd, and Lime House is for a more intimate group of people with culture. Lime House is always welcoming and loaded with love.