Clifton Robbins
SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Clifton Robbins"
One of my most favorite places in this city, especially when having a not so good day. They have great music, which was loud enough for you to loose yourself, and remember what it was like to be a kid again I see the elderly dressing young, and young just having fun. It's more like an upper class, laid-back, good time type of feel for everyone. There's is great bar service which plays the sports that you may want to watch, and sports bar, which has the games that you may not want to watch. ( just kidding ) also very good food and great drinks. Visit the SLS because if you are a star that's where you belong. Before I forget, the bar on the casino floor has like a 3D movies system or projection system whatever it may be that makes it look like the duck flops out of the water and goes in circles it's crazy great entertainment and on the way out the door there is a dance floor that lights up wit mirrors on the walls and ceilings so you're feeling a little loose, and want to just have some fun, go ahead and break away for a second, and remember SLS is where you had a great time! Strip Dance Model Promoter Clifton Robbins