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Jul 20 '12 at 19:04

JS Mann

JS Mann
This was a fantastic experience! Feeling that I could trust a worker and having a place that set up the appointments, interviewed the clients and matched up capable and helpful employess took a lot of weight off my mind with a job that was too much for me. My imagination that i was a 1 day job was a huge underestimation of what I planned. I had a patio with tons of vines junk rocks to clear up and throw away. I had planned he would dig out 3 inches of earth, (dry with gravel- this was a huge amount of work-Miguel Moto- was my helper-he was so good, I hired him to finish my plan, he laid and prepared all new soil, set up a drip system, took out about 100+ pounds of more large gravel, organized all the stuff, i had chosen to keep in the middle of my pation for me to sort through, and was a a warm and intelingent person who I got to practice my Spanish with , ( though he understood and spoke English). I really feel very grateful to Miguel and the Day Worker Center of Mountain View, and will use them whenever I need garden help. I will research what other skiled people they offer and maybe do some upkeep and cleaning. In Short I recommend this place HIGHLY and you can trust them!