Jerome Luigi Ner
Treasure Island Treasure Island
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jerome Luigi Ner"
The hotel room was a lot smaller than the other hotels I've stayed in this past week. We came to our hotel room with the door open so that was pretty bad. Luckily the room was cleaned. The tall lamp by the window had a hole in it and was cracked/shattered, it didn't even have a bulb in it. The bathroom door didn't have a lock in it so I kept having to tell my family members whenever we were using the bathroom. There were multiple stains on the curtains and the window had a lot of oil smudges. The TV was the worst, whenever I flipped channels it would take about a minute for sound to appear and another 3-4 minutes for the visuals to show it was annoying to find the right channel. The pool experience was pretty bad as well, most of the people there were only there to sit in the water and talk to other people. It kind of made my family uncomfortable and it was so ridiculous to be one of the few people who came to the pool to swim! I guess I didn't get the memo. The location of the hotel would probably be the only reason to stay here it has a tram that connects to the mirage and is on the strip. But since it's on the strip it seems to be crowded all the time which is either a good thing or a bad thing for you. It's also next to a CVS which is so convenient and saves a lot of money. Be sure to use the pharmacy as much as possible at least in our room we had a mini fridge. All of the other restaurants nearby are ok but too over priced for there quality but I guess it makes sense due to the hotel being on the strip. Overall it was an ok experience, it wasn't the worst experience and it wasn't a good one.