Adam David
San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
Highland, California
"Adam David"
Biggest rip off ive ever seen!! Pure scam! Slot machines are set for minimum pay out.I put thousands of dollars into a machine with no payback at all! The whole time i was there people were complaining about the slot machines. I completely forgot My buddy worked for them for 18 years and told me how corrupt they are. Machines are set to steal and not pay out! They have no other competing casinos in the area, so they do not care. Table games are a joke! 99% of the people vow never to come back after being robbed by them. The only reason most people still go is because of its location. Agua caliente and the Spa pay way better and the service is better. Trust me, San Manuel is a scam.Not to mention San Manuel is the only casino to charge for valet parking. What legitimate casino charges $3 for valet parking to be robbed? In all my life, i have never seen such crooks!Please, do not have one of your paid scam artists reply with fake BS jack pot pay outs every 3 minutes. I was there for 12 hours and not a single "REAL" jackpot!! You guys should be shut down! I am currently looking for a gaming commision to investigate San Manuel. Bunch of crooks!! Poorest excuse for a casino ever!!!