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Apr 13 '10 at 20:26

I saw and felt and heard the episode the Fall of 1976/Arlington Texas.Three other people from my apt. complex also experienced the same and we all were in the parking lot looking up at the huge after math of the helium.It looked like a huge ring of fire, hollowed in the center.Every one was sayin what is it /after burners from a U.F.O. or what? In 2008 the news reported that the helium had been depleted and would from now on in only be used for weather{hot air}ballons....I wonder if anyone was hurt /and why did it take so long for them to report to the general population the findings...Fanci 2010 Oh and what an experience to wittness it ,too begin with ! ! THE BURNING RING OF FIRE/Who would have thunk it texhas!TeeHee/giggle~Thanks for the good times any way ! It's Laughable if no one was hurt / I hope Not.........! ! ! ! ! ! ! ShowDown1975 yep yep yahoo and the web/DebbieA.K.A.Fanci