Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway Hollywood Casino Hotel & Raceway
Bangor, Maine
I was there on new years eve.it was a Good e time at first.then I had a drunk girl all over me following me around so I take a cigg break she comes out when I walk back in they kick her out then kick me out.I try to explain I don't know this women so then they say I'm intoxicated at this point I was only on beer # 3 1/2 so now I'm starting get pissed so instead of doing what I would usly do and knock him out for disrespecting me.I say f it.so I ask if I can grab my jacket and I'll leave cause I need to walk to my hotel and its freezn and snowing out .they tell me no.mind u all I have is a t shirt on.so I tell then rather get my jacket or a manager. So manager came and at least he talkd with some since and he had them retrieve my jacket and I left peacefully. But I diffidently will not recommend this place to friends or family due to the fact they had no care for u or your health.if I didn't stand my ground I would've been walkn miles in the freezing cold while its snowing.not right at all.