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Oct 11 at 18:35
Won a lot. Lost a lot more! First time playing this game, but LOVED playing it! I attached a few payouts, but there were many. I didn't photo most of them. None of my payouts were over $1000 (close). However, I really, REALLY miss many of Quik Hits games especially the one with the wheel! The MSC Seaside Casino was small, but fun. The MSC Casino staff were top-of-the-line: friendly, respectful, efficient and professional. I wasn't aware that I was on the Casinos VIP list which entitled me to complimentary premium alcoholic beverages. Regrettably, only cheap bottom shelf liquor (such as Skol Vodka) is poured with the Easy Drink package. It wasn't until the 4th or 5th day when a Casino bartender asked if I was on the VIP List. I had no clue about it, so he looked and I was! My head & stomach greatly appreciated the upgrade! Thanks, MSC & URComped! (If I'd been told prior I wouldn't have spent $322 on the Easy Drink package.) Lesson learned. The MSC Seaside was absolutely GORGEOUS! The design of the ship was spectacular, but what was more amazing was how spotlessly clean it was kept 24/7! While the entire MSC staff maintained 100% professionalism in their job performance and appearance and most were quite friendly, there were a few issues of concern with the policies, efficiency, communication and professionalism of Guest Services staff. The level of English spoken was very poor by most representatives. Additionally, the location was right in the center of daily/nightly LOUD musical entertainment which made it doubly difficult to hear or understand important information during conversations with Guest Services. I felt placated most every visit to them. I was given inaccurate information several times. I found out after my cruise that "policy" information I was quoted was completely wrong. Financially, no one at Guest Services acted knowledgeably or showed any real concern or urgency in regards to personal finance needs and specific instructions. My finances were placed in immediate jeopardy by credit authorizations made that were NOT approved. I informed them right from the start my card on file was not to be charged because I would be paying CASH at end of cruise. Instead, it was charged daily & too often with errors. My only other complaint was about food. Every day the offerings were basically the same. The cuisine was predominantly spicy Middle Eastern and bland Italian dishes. The food was predominantly "dark " with little differentiation in flavor. On the plus side, the Marketplace Cafeteria was ALWAYS sparkling clean! Fruits and salads were always FRESH and tasty. The breads were ok. Cooked vegetables were mostly overcooked and bland. The daily pasta dishes weren't distinguishable from each other in flavor. Conversely, the desserts were always FANTASTIC with daily variety. Disappointedly, the cafeteria often had long, long lines because it was just way too small for such a large ship. And the only thing I know about the "specialty" restaurants was that they were expensive, small menus, and unreceptive to "walk-ins." Having only 3 restaurants outside of the very small buffet is just not enough. Additionally, the MSC Seaside did not really offer a proper food mart shop with good choices of snacks (or yummy junk food !) for cabin munchies. Overall, the MSC Seaside has most everything needed for an enjoyable cruise. Regrettably, certain MSC policies were not adhered to which caused severe financial difficulties that I've yet to recover from. Now being aware of the many MSC idiosyncrasies, I believe I will have a much more enjoyable time the next time I cruise on MSC.
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OCT 13
Thank you for sharing your experience with MSC! I hope the next trip is even better