Eric Johnson
Bally's - Las Vegas Bally's - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Eric Johnson"
I would like to start by saying that I have stayed at Bally's a few times in the past and generally had a good experience up until my last time staying there. I booked my room 2 months in advance and had already prepaid for both nights up front. I also booked directly through their web site not a 3rd party. I had booked one room with a king size bed which was more expensive then just the standard room which I was fine with. When I arrived I waited in line for the better part of 30 minutes because they were busy but only had 3 people working behind the desk with upwards of 20 available stands that could be staffed. When one stand finally opened up I waited a few minutes for the lady to call me over but she never looked up. I walked up and stood politely for a few moments before she looked at me and very rudely said wait to be called then proceeded to walk away. When someone finally helped me I was told they were sold out of the room I reserved and prepaid for before being offered a down grade to a lesser room with NO credit for the difference. When I asked why I would be down graded when I prepaid and book 2 months ahead of time and prepaid she just shrugged and said we are full do you want the room or not. I would have even been willing to pay a bit more for an upgrade if it was offered. I have stayed at Bally's in the past and had generally had a good experience however this will be the last time I stay at Bally's or any other hotel under their corporate umbrella. I STRONGLY recommend if your going to Vegas stay somewhere else. Might be a bit more but at least you will be treated better. Coming from a customer service industry myself I would have been very upset if any of my customer were treat this way or any of my employee's acted in the manner in which there desk staff acted.

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