Lucia Saenz
San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
Highland, California
"Lucia Saenz"
We used to love going to San Manuel but since they did the remodeling of it it's not the same. Before you could find slots available to play, but usually we always play the penny machine were you could find some that the minimum to play was 25 cents 30 cents I think even less, now the lowest you can find I think are 60 cents if that, then we start playing & all we do is loose we never win anything anymore. The other HUGE downside is that all the renovation that was done to it they should of focused a bit more on the filtration systems (if that's how it's called) the smoke is unbearable when it starts to get busy & that is what makes us leave early most of the time. We also see other people leave as well it could be for other reasons but I think is for that fact. It us a nice casino don't get me wrong they did a great job & left it REALLY NICE but they missee a few details.