Tara Palmer
Park MGM Park MGM
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Tara Palmer"
This is by far the worst customer service I have ever received from a hotel. I booked 2 rooms together a year before my arrival date and when I checked in they tried to put my 2 rooms on completely different floors. When I protested, they said they might be able to put us on the same floor, but they wouldn't be near each other or they'd be in a noisy construction zone. "The best they could do" was putting my 2 rooms in the same hallway and the rooms wouldn't be ready for at least another 1.5 hours (mind you we had already been waiting to check in for 5 hours). We hit the 2 hour mark and still had no rooms! The excuse we got was "there's no guarantee that the two rooms would be together." This was not outlined on the reservation, so I thought booking two rooms together would mean getting two rooms together. The check in employee was rude about it and acted like he was doing us a favor. Never again!