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My family took a Norwegian cruise to Alaska recently and for the first time ever on a cruise we had a bad experience. At first we just assumed that these were simple things that were overlooked and would be soon fixed. Sadly this didn't happen for the majority of the trip! We first arrived and I had to clean the room because all the drawers had hair and clothing tags, rocks etc in them. Then we went to shower and there was no cold water for 4 days of the cruise!!! I told someone from the front desk and no one came to repair anything. I then told our stateroom girl and finally after a day or so this was fixed (this is after showing people about 4 times). We had to bathe our children several times with cups of water from the sink because the water from the shower was so hot. To add to this, we had a flickering light in our room for days, so we couldn't use the lights without feeling like we were in the twilight zone. The sink was clogged which we told the front desk and no one came to fix this, so we fixed it ourselves with a fork from the dining room (there was a plastic gold coin stuck down in the sink drain). The hairdryer was so clogged it barely worked, so I cleaned that too. We went to breakfast one day and they forgot about us for an hour until we asked what happened to our food, with no apology. There is more, but these are the most important items. We have cruised with several major cruise companies and never had a complaint. I would never have imagined a company would have such a problem! We won't use Norwegian in the future!