bradley Davis
Desert Diamond West Valley Casino Desert Diamond West Valley Casino
Glendale, Arizona
"bradley Davis"
I served in the United States Army and I like to gamble. Out of every single Casino I have ever been to, Dessert Dimond has been the best experience. First, their tribute awards card always makes me feel like a winner, especially when I don't have a lot of money to play with and they give me an extra $10 to play with. Second, playing the 1 cent machines makes $20 last forever and allows me to spend hours enjoying myself. Third, their machines seem to always have a winner, where if you went to casino Arizona, you would lose non-stop. Fourth, The staff is nice and very respectful. Lastly, a double burger is only $10 and it is delicious, i really enjoy getting a burger when I take a break from gambling and than washing it down with their free soda that isn't watered down and taste amazing. Thankyou Dessert Diamond Casino, I salute you.