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Sep 7 '15 at 9:55

Chips Casino La Center

This is a low-class place, with poor management and quirky rules. Two drunks at my table were loud and obnoxious and neither the dealer (who flubbed a few deals) or management did anything about it, despite complaints, from me and others. At one point I said, loud and firmly, to one of the guys to "Shut the !@@#@ up", and he was quiet,for about ten seconds. So I picked up my chips, about $400, and started toward the front desk to cash them in, only to be told that I couldn't do that, as technically everyone playing there was playing in a tournament -- first time I heard that, in any card room, and I've been in many dozen all over the country. Because it was so poorly run, I did not trust leaving my chips unattended on the table, so I had to wait twenty minutes to even leave the table and cash in. What crap.