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Dec 1 '17 at 16:09

DONT STAY HERE. I stayed here on a road trip to Colorado and my car got broken into at 10:45AM... In broad daylight. Security said they do rounds at 7am everyday and that my car was fine at that time and that they weren't aware of the incident. Isn't that security's job?? They should have someone in the lot at all times if things like this happen. I got $1500 worth of stuff stolen along with a broken car window and they didn't care at all (or even offer to comp my stay). They also told me later on that their cameras didn't get good enough shots of the guys who took my stuff to do anything. I parked in an area where there were lots of cars and found all this extremely disappointing. Moral of the story, I will NEVER stay here again and if your on a road trip with items in your car you shouldn't either. Even though the parking lot looks safe and like it would be patrolled IT'S NOT!