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Aug 12 '12 at 17:13

Escaping for our Busy work life, and coming from NEW YORK city, my friends and i had reserved a booth at this club. the booth next to us (all Indian) was coming was flooding into our booh, few girls sat in our booth, and we didnt mind their company. we were having friendly conversation and all of the sudden the indian guys were spilling drinks on us because i was having a conversation with alone girls that we sitting in our booth. These guys were pushing, shoving, yelling, and we didnt want to cause any problems. we got up and walked away from indian flooding into our booth, at one point, they had 30 friends and only 6 of us. We talked to the bouncers several times but didnt anything. few inutes later, few guys came to us again at the bar and insutling, and assulting us because his girlfriend told us we were American. i stood my ground by not walking away this time because i had enough of this crap. we paid nearly 200 for a booth that we reserved, but which was got flooded with Indian people.took our drink by mistake and insulting and assulting us. the bouncers threw us out at the club because they compainted once and we complainted several times. the bouncers were Bias. the bouncer handled us and i nearly lost my glasses and we tried to be logical and reasonable with them. I wish i can get my money back, it was big disapointed and its the worst club i ever been to If your an American, beware on the this club, people want to start fight with you and the club would gave our booth and our bottle service to them, that we paid for. I dont care about the money but the security prefered them to stay and threw us the club. NO Americans should ever go there.