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Mar 3 '18 at 20:02

Thunder Ridge

Not the best "mountain" I have visited. Although it is close to the city, they overcharge the tickets, close almost all the trails, and even have lift operators that smoke on the job (caught one near the magic carpet.) For paying 40$ ($52 regular if not on sale) for about four trails to be open, it is quite a waste of money and time. The trails are very short - can be finished in about 1-3 minutes. However, what really annoyed me is when my children said they tried to go down Fools when there was about 2-3 inches of packed snow (some roots sticking out) and were immediately yelled at by about three ski patrol personnel for doing so (in quite a rude tone), yet there was no "Trail Closed" sign on the trail. About an hour after they went on it, a trail closed sign appeared! What a coincidence! I went about doing my own skiing and saw that most of the trails that had plenty of snow were closed for very minimal reasons (e.g. a little dirt showing). After about six inches of snow were dumped in this region, they can only open one lift, not even the farthest lift. When I saw the condition of the trails further up, they looked fine to me, and could be in use. For the relatively short distance from the city, it is a good mountain, but why pay 52$ for around 4 trails when you can take a little more time and go to another mountain that is almost 20x larger and pay a little less. Seriously, I went to Mount Snow and paid 38$ on a weekend. I also wish I didn't have to see that lift operator smoking while little kids were riding on the magic carpet.. Shameful.