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Mar 18 '18 at 16:33

The Dakota Grill

Good place, the food is amazing, the chips are beautiful. If you go here, buy the Joey’s Bag of Donuts (it’s just a burrito) or a a burrito bowl. Make sure to also try out the green sauce. Good place, we’ve gone here many times, however, their management has been messing some things up. They are told to put less on the tortillas - so food is inconsistent. Basically, most times you’ll get a decent amount of food (beans, rice, lettuce, etc.) but some put on very little. If you suspect this might happen, get a burrito bowl, as the employees who put only a little on your burrito - will usually put more in the bowl. I mean, I get it, Moe’s needs to save business, cut costs, but I believe that they are doing it in the wrong way. Nevertheless, this place gets its people! When it gets busy, sometimes the employees rush, but it has been getting better. Do NOT let the management dissuade you from coming here, the food is very cheap compared to most places, and it actually tastes good! Also, if you’re looking for pops, there’s one of the advanced pop machines here. The place looks good, the food is amazing, and it is a place we keep coming back to. Just let management know to step up some game and train employees! Thanks Moe’s!