Java Cafe
Restaurant @ Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel
Had good experience the first time at this cafe. They even served multi grain toast for wheat when I ordered an omelette, was quite a surprise! Though they didn’t incl. jelly for the bread toast... Overall, good food! Nicely balanced between quality and quantity. Update: (Waitress and other staff dependent) Knocked off 1 star for feeling very embarrassed asking for jellies with my order. Wouldn’t it be a common sense to supply “to go box” with silver-ware and jellies (if serving toast) in a bag?... Asked for jellies and she handed over in my hand. Walked away dissatisfied. Strangely, both waitress and the young woman by the counter treated me like an alien. Kindly do not bring your mental issues(if any) at work and please do treat other racial customers with a smile and respect.