Del 'Cap Room
Restaurant @ Delaware Park Racetrack, Slots and Golf
"tripp gunner"
Suuuuper cheap school cut corners everywhere and charge students for everything they can. Can't wait to transfer out of here next semester. Doesn't bother me when the charge us for printing and charge us obscene amounts for on campus living and food but when it starts affecting my education is when i get pissed. My current Teacher assistant for my Chemistry 102 class is a undergraduate student who is probably only a few classes ahead of me, im constantly correcting her during our supplemental instruction sessions, they could pay a grad student who knows his/her stuff but that would cost them an extra $40 a week so no way. UNCW is known for their biology, chemistry, and physical oceanography departments but their facilities are old (they all still use chalkboards.. first time iver ever seen one in my life) and some flat out gross, its a running joke to call Deloach Hall ( the physics and oceanography building) DeRoach hall because of all the roaches you see running around and the flat out uncleanliness. I'm not being hyper critical just honest, there are a lot of positives. The food though it costs a lot is very good in my opinion they have great vegetarian and vegan options. The Student rec center is par none, best rec center ive ever seen and everyone here is all about health and fitness. They also have a newly renovated math building and a new computer technology building and teaching building but I rarely go into them. Seems like there trying to improve there lacking programs to get more people interested in the school and its at the cost of there well known programs because they know people will continue to come here whether facilities are nice or not. And the staff and faculty are on and off really depends but i guess thats the same everywhere. But hey at least or basketball team makes it to the NCAA tourney ever year and we can afford to pay our coach like 5 mil a year or something.