Topaz Steakhouse
Restaurant @ Topaz Lodge and Casino
"Leif Voss"
I live down the road from here and I rarely come here. I only come here now because my daughter recently got a job here and I have to pick her up at night. I've eaten in the steakhouse, and it sucked. The views are great, but the food sucks. My wife and I ate here for our anniversary and we had a better time in a loud, jam-packed or is it jamb-packed... Olive Garden. Olive Garden folks. Had the stuffed mushroom for the appetizer it was okay... A few days later, we went to Smith's saw some stuffed mushrooms and picked em up, tasted exactly like the one we had at the Lodge... The cafe, we've had breakfast and lunch here and, it sucked. So we just eat breakfast at home and go to Iggy and Squiggy's when we want lunch or dinner outside of home. As for the casino floor, there's a nice selection of games, but the ventilation system is awful and I used to smoke and I can't stand it in there. Just being in there for 10 minutes my clothes stink of cigarettes. Also on some nights it doesn't matter if you are sitting 10 feet from the bar or across the room from it, I sat there for 40 minutes waiting for a server and never got one, so I had to cash out and walk to the bar and order. This place just sucks.