Johnny Rockets
Restaurant @ Twin River Casino
"A Google User"
Probably the worst experience I've had at a hamburger joint. It started with a sign that said they weren't accepting debit/credit cards that day which I should have taken as a sign. When I went to order the girl was rude and I later found out got my order completely wrong. I paid and went to sit down, it was over a half hour before I got my food. When I went to get it there were no onion rings, my favorite and the first thing I ordered, and no chili on the chili cheese fries I ordered. When I brought this to someone's attention I was told there was nothing that they could do. After explaining everything they said the best they could do was put some chili on the fries, but made a big deal about how they should be charging me for it. I sat down and tried the chicken wings I ordered and with one bite found it was still pink. I didn't even bother to go up to the counter because the manager obviously was not willing to help me. I walked out dissatisfied and beyond aggravated.