The Buffet at Viejas The Buffet at Viejas
Restaurant @ Viejas Casino & Resort
"Emery Crite"
When you go there and have him to have a chance to stay at the hotel the new one you will love it. Worth every penny you spend there. yes it can be a bit pricey however you will feel the difference when you walk in the door. It has a real at home ceiling all set with a touch of luxury. My room had a sort of living room bathroom that could be compared to a gym Spa. The room service was fast, polite, prompt, friendly, and cheerful. Where are some places you go in the room service arrives and you feel sorry for them because it looks like they don't want to be there. The concier downstairs was phenomenal!!!! Overall I must say I was very very impressed and pleased. Keep up the good work after a night with you it makes the hurt of losing all that money in the casino not hurt as bad..... 😄