Pink's Hot Dogs Pink's Hot Dogs
Restaurant @ Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
"Joanne Lau"
(From my Yelp review, which I have abandoned for Google Guides) Three stars! One star each for: SERVICE, FOOD and "WILL I COME BACK?"No stars for AMBIENCE and PRICE. Service was fast, and there was no line at about 11pm. The walk there was exciting. A couple of cops was in the midst of arresting a very drunk, very high, half naked man. So, yup, hot dogs to-go, please. The hot dogs were good, crisp skin and juicy dogs. I ordered a naked dog ($4.79) and a naked dog with two extra toppings (fried mushrooms + guacamole) for $8.07. The naked dog for almost $5 is too expensive! I will come back. The walk there is exciting but the fancy dogs are worth it.