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"Vanessa Marie"
First, it is a beautiful campus and VERY safe! Just because it says Chester doesn't mean it is automatically a dangerous area. Police and campus safety make sure students on and off campus are safe. Second, the classes are a normal size, like a high school would be, so there is a bigger connection between student and professor. Third, the classes are rigorous and if you go to Widener and don't believe that then maybe your major is too easy for you, or you are taking easier classes. As an engineer, the professors push us as far as we can go, but this rigor is important in my eyes because it prepares us better. The research programs and opportunities are something you cannot beat! They also have a co-op program that is 12 months of experience in 4 years, and I HIGHLY suggest this! Honestly, it doesn't get any better, so keep Widener in your radar!