Firefly Buffet Firefly Buffet
Restaurant @ Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort
"Stacey Desrocher"
We intended on getting drinks and food at the bar, as we were celebrating our birthdays and killing time before going to the movies. The male bartender seemed quite friendly and funny, but unfortunately we got the female bartender, who seemed put off that folks actually wanted to order something. There were at least 6 empty seats at the bar when we got there, so I'm not sure why she looked so overwhelmed. Maybe they had just had a crazy busy lunch? Anyway, I ordered a Bloody Mary and a water & my partner ordered a glass of wine and a diet coke. The Bloody Mary received was bland and almost sweet tasting. I had to add hot sauce just to give it a little flavor. I had to ask twice for my water, which eventually got to me (and arrived in a plastic cup). However, after asking twice for the diet coke, it never came. We were not offered a menu, so didn't end up ordering food (which was actually fine by us because we were already less than impressed as it was). We were done our other drinks when the bartender finally said "oh yeah, I forgot your soda" .. but at that point all we wanted was to get the check and get out of there. After stopping in the ladies room on the way out, I'm reminded that this place also really needs a facelift (or at the very least a deep cleaning). Ahh, I miss the good old days ...