Mt. Baker Bar & Grill Mt. Baker Bar & Grill
Restaurant @ Nooksack River Casino
"William Hunter"
I had food from Chair 9 three times: once dining there, and twice ordered to go. My sit-in experience was great. Their staff was genuinely friendly. Great snow-boarding decor. They have a great atmosphere, good sports screens, and a live-band stage. Family friendly. Their food was even very tasty. So, why 3 stars you might ask rather than 5? This has to do with their to-go service. Two issues there. The most important is that the Chicken Caesar Salad had one piece of 5 strips that was still pink inside. Because the other pieces were cooked, my wife didn't realize it until she almost swallowed it. As a result, she's been seriously ill for almost a day. The other issue is that the orders to go ended up taking an additional 45 minutes to prepare than they said it would take (1.25 and 1.5 hours in all). To their credit, they did buy me a beer while I waited. But it did impact my plans both evenings. It would be great if chair 9 fixes these issues. They seem like a fun place to go while in the Mt. Baker area.