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Dec 21 '17 at 16:16

Cordova Club

I tripped onto the Ranco a few weeks ago when I had to be the designated diva for my guy that was at the bar next door. I really liked the staff that was there that night and even meet a local costumer that was a sweetie. She was pretty down until I told her hey I'm here now so lets makes some money. She wanted to tell me the cards are no good and after I bought in for 30 bucks and cashed out for over 600 she too was very happy. She had to have gotten most of her money back I think. So just because this place isn't super fancy and elegant makes it the best and most comfortable place for me. I guess if your a punk and can't handle a couple homeless people don't ever leave your house. GREAT PLACE LOVELY PEOPLE. FYI the casino didn't make the people homeless they people did themselves.