Burger King Burger King
Restaurant @ Boulder Station Hotel & Casino
"Nick Wilson"
Let me tell you, I came to this place with high hopes. I'd heard good things about the new spicy nuggies and I needed to try them myself. I rolled up to the drive thru and ordered 10 spicy nuggies and a spicy chicken sandwich because I wanted to treat myself. I get home and BEHOLD, a double whopper in place of my nuggies. My disappointment was immeasurable. Fast forward a day later and I return for round two of nuggies, this time with my friends in tow. We ordered 40 spicy nuggies and 20 regular nuggies for my less spicy buddy, and when we got home, BEHOLD, 30 spicy nuggies, 20 regular nuggies. Again, my day was ruined. Luckily, the nuggies were super good and super cheap. Would return on the condition that the nuggies are all in the bag.