Rose & Thorn
Restaurant @ Ilani Casino Resort
"Nina Nititadakul"
We came here with a large group on a Friday night for a company party. And I was super hungry. So needless to say everything was delicious. We did a meat and cheese plate with hummus and pita bread to start off. Everyone was dazzled by the prime rib special and nearly the whole table had it. I got a salad with chick peas that was very filling with the mussels. They were the best part of the meal. Very filling and flavorful (even the next day when I deshelled it and cooked it again). I thoroughly enjoyed the whole meal. At the end we split that chocolate cake that was enough for 9 people. It was very decadent and rich so maybe go with a different dessert if it's a smaller party. I'm glad we got the chance to eat here!