SmashBurger SmashBurger
Restaurant @ Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
"Michael Fahy"
I wouldn’t give their fries to my dogs. They are harder than any rawhide. The girl Jennifer (by her name tag) or Makaila (by the cooks order) was extremely put out that we were there. She would yell back to someone, each item I ordered who then would yell back to the cook. With each item, she sounded more whiny and pissy in her tone. I’m not sure how this is the new way to burger. When the food came up, I asked for some napkins and it sounded as if it broke her back and a bit of her soul leaked out through her sigh of choosing to work at a burger joint. Regardless of all this, being hungry, I forced down the burger which was no new way, yet was the only thing halfway edible. The pickles were so salty they are stroke worthy and asphalt has more elasticity than the chicken. Whatever I paid was no where worth the free ketchup packets, however I wouldn’t know what I paid because it was too much to get a receipt.