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May 25 '18 at 23:55

We did not stay here, we came in to check it out, since we need to return here in July. We stopped at the office and got info, the lady there was very nice and explained things well. We were driving around and were very impressed by what we were seeing...then we were stopped by a guy in a security van. He asked if we were staying in the park and we explained that, no, we were checking it out and had stopped at the office. We showed him our brochures. He said, "Well, I can't have you just driving around here, you need to leave." Which we did. Mind you, we are your typical baby boomer grandparents...posing zero threat. He was your typical puffed-up on his power type, more concerned about his ego than to help out potential customers. We do appreciate good security, but this was unwarranted. Our other concerns were all the trees and getting satellite reception. Plus, the list of 40 rules, including that you cannot tie your pet outside. What? Our dog LOVES being outside! So, while we were impressed with the amenities; small lake, café, pool, casino, picnic tables at sites, we cannot stay at this place. Too bad!