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May 22 '18 at 1:38

Cuu Long Souper Pho

Gillian Barlow
Staying at the casino where there is 5☆ places, this joint blows them all away. What I don't understand is how people gave this place 3$ out of 4 in the reviews. The portions range from fair to excessive, but even if there were small portions, I wouldn't mind paying $20(most expensive item on the menu, but that's very few things on the menu) for this kind of quality. Prices are very fair. They use very fresh ingredients. What I ordered had a lot of ingredients and it was perfectly balanced. I love my thai and Vietnamese , but there is always an overuse of chili's, citrus, fish sauce or something...this was perfect. Also ordered 5 heat(out of 10) and it was a perfect 5. Service was pleasant and on point. We were treated well. I'm going back tomorrow