Casino Deli Casino Deli
Restaurant @ Ameristar Casino - St. Charles
"Bill Levine"
This place is awesome, leave your debit card in the car haha. Update: I had a bad experience at the computerized roulette table. I put a $10 bet on the number 17 (like I always do when I play roulette) and it hit, but my bet disappeared right before it hit. I did not hit clear, I was sitting back in my seat. I talked to a manager, he got another manager, after a LOT of discussion between managers, the second manager told me that I was basically out of luck and there was nothing they could do. I was polite the whole time, but inside I was pretty upset. I thought there were cameras everywhere that could see that I made the bet and sat back. I felt like I was robbed. I will leave my review at 5 stars because I've always had good experiences here, but that was pretty bad. The machine actually malfunctioned again soon thereafter, so they told me to go to another machine, but I was still not compensated in any way.