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Jun 2 '18 at 19:19

Mighty M Food Court

Had the worse experience here last night when i went to the food court at 7:50pm an employee was verry rude to me she was big women white and she doesnt know how to serve customers she shouldnt be even working there if shes like that i simply ask for some bbq for my wings and she said if theres none out in the table then dont boder aski g for ut cause theres none and i just waited for her to go away and guess what the guy who made my wings i ask him for some bbq and he gave me some why would she not boder to give bbq to me like -.- dont work if u dont feel like it ik i might just stop comming here with all my family thats less $ for the casino :( or if shes in the cashier then i wont even boder eating in the back its the one pass the players club