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Nov 26 '16 at 0:44

Sunset Grille

Party of three, two ordered sushi rolls and one ordered pizza. The sushi came out first and we finished by the time the waitress returned to say 'the pizza isnt ready yet'. No apology or idea when it would be ready. After waiting another 10 minutes with no pizza, l approached the waitress to cancel the order. Again no apology. She told me ld have to wait for the manager. When he did come, he didnt approach us either, we had to flag him down to ask what could be done as we frequent the casino quite often. He offered to but is a round, which was annoying since obviously what we needed was food. We actually had to ask if something else might be done to which he responded 'here is my card, ask for me the next time you are here'. I felt very annoyed and upset and have never had such a horrible experience with service or customer service at the casino.