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Jun 5 '18 at 17:51


I love this hotel. However, this past weekend I took my son to celebrate his birthday and had THE WORSE experience EVER! I was put in room 414 and from the minute we walked in the door the most disgusting smell of muggy dirty feet hit us. We arrived in the evening to have my kids start swimming when the sun came down. Because of the horrible smell I decided to have them out there the rest of our evening came up slept got up got our things and left. I didn't want to deal with the complaining process because when I arrived the hotel I booked a week early was not in the system. The front desk lady did take the time to assist me with this issue and resolved it. But, again this is what we ended up with. I just get believe the housekeeping lady wouldn't complain or do something about this if this is a hotel that is suppose to be at the top. That smell is literally penetrated in the carpet. Very upset that we couldn't enjoy food and cake in the room.