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Apr 24 '18 at 19:24

Little Boston Bistro

Update: It's been a year since the hotel opened, and they now have so many new slot machine games that it's actually pretty great! They added a restaurant where the hotel and casino join together, and it's got a good selection, with great seating area away completely separated from the casino, so no smoke/noise. I'm adding a star from my last review, up from 3 to 4. To reach 5 stars they'd have to stop charging people for water bottles, which seems nit-picky, but I've never run across this before and it seems "cheap." The Point Casino is currently expanding to add a hotel. It seems that this has not affected the service in the casino, which is a plus. The construction inconvenience has been minimal, although there is some lingering annoyances in the parking lot. I do feel like this casino would have been much better off adding a parking garage. There are a great deal of slot machine choices at this casino, but "favorites" are limited and always in use. It would be good if they were to add several more of the most popular games, not just adding new games that nobody has heard of yet. The table games are extremely limited at this time, but they are very rarely filled regardless. The dealers are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, which is a plus. The Point Casino has a buffet available, but it is quite often understaffed. The food is decent, but not outstanding. There is nearly zero options for diabetics as sugar is used in absolutely every dish. I should mention that the buffet is "all you can eat" and there are specials quite often where you can buy one meal and get another free (Wednesdays.) There is another, much more upscale, restaurant, but the opening times and menu is hard to find and quite confusing. It seems to always be closed. This casino loses 2 stars for these reasons: Guests are charged 50 cents for bottled water, which is just bizarre to me as a person who has been to dozens of casinos. Also, as someone who frequents the point quite regularly, there has been a clear decrease in machine payouts since construction started on the hotel. Many machines have broken buttons, and often machines cannot be used due to "printer is out of paper." I would not remove any stars for The Point Casino's staff, as they have all been knowledgeable, friendly, patient, and well-spoken. Another plus is that the security for the parking lot is quite good (but I still feel that a parking garage would have made so much more sense to include during the building of the hotel.)