DJ's Steak House DJ's Steak House
Restaurant @ DiamondJacks Casino & Resort
"Mark Nelson"
Ms. Shelby: We are really pleased to hear that we are your favorite local casino and that you enjoy your rooms and meals. I am sorry that you have not won in a while; however, we do not pick who might win on any given day. As you might not be aware, every one of our slot machines, table games, and promotions are highly regulated by the Louisiana State Police and the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. There are many regulations that we follow in order make sure that our games are fair and that everyone has the same chance to win. It is the law and it is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We do hope that whenever you visit, that you have a positive interaction with our friendly & helpful team members and that you have a great time. You never know when your next lucky spin might result in a big jackpot! Good luck! We hope to see you soon. Paul Hutchens, GM